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Student Wellbeing


The wellbeing of students at Nyabing PS is a top priority. We believe that emotional intelligence holds equal importance to academic achievement and for this reason, the school utilises a number of evidence-based approaches to ensure that students are able to regulate their emotions effectively.

The Positive Behaviour Support document highlights our whole school approach to student engagement. Focusing on student wellbeing, the school implements Crunch&Sip and SunSmart strategies.

Positive Bahaviour Support



What People Say


Jenni Dolan
Manager of Corporate Services

I love the strong sense of community. The community is  heavily invested with the students at the core of every decision.

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Parent rep

The strong relationships staff have with students is unique and special.


Tiarna Clifford
Student Councillor

I love Nyabing Primary School because the children are all kind and caring, and the teachers are really nice.

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