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Parents and Citizens Association Inc.

What is P & C?

Established under the Education Act of 1999, P&C Associations are the forum for parents and carers of children to get involved in their local school.

Our P&C exists to:

  • encourage parents to participate in developing the school’s education policy

  • foster parent participation and involvement in the school

  • be the forum for parents to discuss issues about the school and its community and to gather opinions

  • provide extra amenities for the benefit of students

  • promote and support communication and cooperation within the school community.


Nyabing PS P&C works in direct response to the needs of our school community, in accordance with guidelines established by the West Australian Council of State School Organisations (WACCSO).


All funds raised benefit students and are raised through annual contribution from parents. At Nyabing PS, we are fortunate that almost all parents are able to make this contribution and fundraise events during the year.

Specific projects that have been funded by past P&Cs include:

  • MathSeeds and Mathletics subscriptions

  • Letters and Sounds resources

  • Camp subsidy 

  • Excursion subsidy.


The P&C Association meet twice per school term in the school library. Meeting dates are advertised in the term planner and school newsletter. Our P&C Committee encourages all parents to take an active involvement in the association. As outlined in our constitution, membership is open to parents and carers of children attending the school and to citizens being over the age of eighteen years who are interested in the work of the Association.


A person desiring to become a member may do so at any General Meeting by completing the Membership Form and payment of the membership subscription fee of $1.00 per member. Bring the form, along with the subscription fee, to the next P&C Meeting if you are interested in joining.

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