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Our Academics

The academic program at Nyabing Primary School places an emphasis on developing the whole child, through effectively targeting both academic achievement and emotional intelligence. This is done through a balanced approach to education, offering explicitly taught lessons exploring new and revised concepts and skills, and inquiry based learning opportunities to apply and transfer this knowledge.

Suitable class sizes, and exceptional, qualified teachers, allow us to offer a comfortable and inclusive educational environment, while ensuring each student receives the individualized attention and support they need.

Student Voice is sought after and valued, as student interest is considered when planning for academic programs, assessments and learning environments.

Curriculum : Curriculum

Teaching & Learning

Attendance Plan

Please see the school's Attendance Plan, outlining our vision, requirements, and expectations.

National Quality Standards

The school's NQS Quality Improvement Plan identifies the school's current progress measured against the standards and our plans moving forward.

Students at Education Risk

Nyabing PS caters for all ability types. Please see the SAER Guidelines for more information on this.

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Extension Program - Flourish

Students identified as Gifted and Talented are offered an opportunity to partake in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics (STEAM) extension program, Flourish.

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Career Development Guidelines

As students grow and develop, they have a variety of influencers who support their choices about career development. Please see the Career Development Guidelines for how educators at NPS provide students with opportunities to explore career options. Career Development is everyone's business. 

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Reconciliation Action Plan

The Reconciliation Action Plan aims to build Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander relationships, respect and opportunities in the classroom, around the school and with the community.

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